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Andrew Hart
Chief Technology Officer

Andrew is an accomplished technologist whose practical experience spans many domains. Previously a software engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Andrew has since built and led software teams for both startups and non-profits, and is equally at home writing grants and writing code. Andrew has inherited from his mentors a keen appreciation for software architecture, understands the power and value of open source software, and has a strong affinity for solving data intensive challenges with applied technology.

As CTO of 211 LA County, Andrew has consistently pushed to expand the reach of the agency’s software and its invaluable data by finding ways to package and expose its capabilities to third parties through APIs. He has been responsible for building 211’s internal team of talented engineers to meet this challenge, and for setting the development road map for its implementation. Under Andrew’s tenure, 211’s transition away from developing purpose-specific, internally-oriented tools and towards a more open, API-driven suite of services has gathered momentum and garnered attention. Curious and an avid learner, Andrew thoroughly enjoys finding ways to develop better software, and is deeply motivated by 211's goal of connecting people in need to the services that can help them the most.