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Chris Mattmann
Chief Research Officer

As CRO of 211 LA County, Dr. Chris Mattmann supports 211 LA County’s efforts to grow externally funded research programs by making its data more useful.  Chris’s primary responsibility is the successful execution of the company's research and development mission through management and oversight of the creation of a 211 data market.

Chris provides leadership and direction for planning and execution of a Data Market Strategic Plan and a variety of ad-hoc research projects, studies and reports as well as advising the executive team on strategic partnerships with research universities in the Southern California area.  Mattmann manages data scientist interns and provides technical assistance to 211 staff and others including analyzing, interpreting, and making useful 211’s wealth of research data available as data services and products in a data market. Chris works with 211 leadership staff to help promote 211’s data market and develop a customer base for 211 data services and products. Dr. Mattmann provides leadership for generating future research directions and developing strategies for developing a data market around 211 LA County’s rich data holdings.

Dr. Mattmann has worked at 211 LA County since 2008, helping to reimagine and develop the agency’s internal customer call center data services and system called 211 LinQ. Dr. Mattmann led the initial Google-like search development capability at 211 LA County, and worked to help staff the development team and construct a shared services architecture and technical capability that has helped contribute to mission success. Prior to his appointment as CRO, Dr. Mattmann was the first Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at 211 LA County and served in that capacity from 2013-2015.

Mattmann has made fundamental contributions to open source, to the development of NASA’s data processing missions, and to academia as a Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Southern California (USC).