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Children in the Child Welfare System


Children in the Child Welfare System

Of the 35% of children in the Child Welfare System identified as needing services, only 12.7% actually receive services

A gap exists in the provision of Early Intervention services to maltreated infants and toddlers. Only 12.7% actually receive services out of the 35% with a need. The Child Abuse and Prevention Treatment Act of 2010 acknowledged this and sought to advance collaboration between the child protective services system and the medical community, including providers of mental health, developmental disability, and early childhood intervention services. 211 LA has a unique opportunity to connect with parents and caregivers involved with Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (LAC-DCFS) through the 211 Help Line and the 211 LA Edmund D. Edelman Children’s Court office.

211 LA is a trusted partner for parents, caregivers and early intervention programs to ensure that infants/toddlers exposed to persistent multiple risk factors receive early and effective Early Intervention services

211 LA’s unique and innovative partnership at the Children’s Court provides parents/caregivers immediate access to referrals for programs in the community mandated by the court. On average, the 211 Children’s Court Project receives over 2,000 requests for information and referrals per year. Since reunification of children with parents is driven by compliance with court orders, the 211 LA Children’s Court office is a critical point of contact and support for parents, foster parents and caregivers.

  • Ensure early and effective identification of health, mental health, developmental, and educational needs of children in foster care (before 36 months).
  • Provide evidence-based developmental behavioral screening for children in foster care at risk for autism or other developmental disabilities.
  • Provide care coordination to ensure that children receive further evaluation or interventions as deemed necessary.
  • Minimize fragmentation of services by working through a seamless network of organizations already in partnership with 211 LA.
  • Parents/caregivers already accessing 211 LA at the Children’s Court are offered the opportunity to answer questions about the development of their young children (birth to 5 years).
  • If interested, parents/caregivers are then connected to a 211 LA Care Coordinator who conducts the evidence-based developmental behavioral screening.
  • Based on screening results, the Care Coordinator works closely with DCFS Children’s Social Workers, Children’s Law Center attorneys, biological and/or foster parents, and other caregivers to ensure the care coordination necessary for the child to receive identified intervention services.

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