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The purpose of the damage assessments is to determine if damage resulting from the fire is widespread enough to qualify for Federal assistance. It was determined that the Saddleridge fire did not meet the qualifications, and so further damage assessments are not being collected. We encourage you to visit the recovery websites for the City and County of Los Angeles, and to reach out to 211 (by online chat or phone) for recovery assistance needs.
LA County Recovery Website
LA City Recovery Website

The Local Assistance Center at the Sylmar Recreation Center has closed. Residents still needing assistance with recovery can visit the virtual Local Assistance Center at 

All evacuations for the Saddleridge Fire have been lifted and the evacuation shelters have been closed. For more information on the Saddleridge Fire, please see:


SAFETY MESSAGE – A few important reminders for everyone when there are active fires and fire danger remains high:

  1. Stay vigilant in monitoring current fire conditions with information from official sources (such as the websites above and Twitter pages listed below). Watch out for rumors and misinformation on social media, and be careful not to share unverified information.
  2. Pay attention to and follow road closures and any evacuation warnings. A reminder to drive slowly and yield to emergency personnel in the area.
  3. If you are in an area with smokey air and have health conditions, avoid exercise and wear an N-95 mask to filter out smoke particles if needed.
  4. Be kind to all public safety and power workers - it's easy to feel fear and anger in situations like these, but everyone is trying to do their jobs to keep you safe. 

DISASTER DISTRESS INFORMATION - During and following a natural or human-caused disaster, levels of stress and anxiety can be very high, in particular for people who have previously experienced the trauma of living through previous fires. Some people may have a hard time coping with difficult emotions, including months or even years later. Learn the warning signs for disaster-related distress. You can also call the Disaster Distress Helpline at 1-800-985-5990 or text "TalkWithUs" to 66746 for emotional support and resources - you don't have to go through this alone!

EVACUATION PREPAREDNESS INFORMATION - If you are in or near a fire evacuation area, get your go bag ready ahead of time with all of your essentials. CalFIRE Wildfire Tips
What to bring with you when you evacuate (time permitting):

Remember the 6 P's in case of Evacuation. 1) People and Pets 2) Plastic - credit cards and cash 3) Papers - important documents 4) Prescriptions 5) Pictures and important personal items 6) Personal Computer

REMINDER DURING ACTIVE DISASTERS: Call 9-1-1 for emergencies and medically assisted evacuations only.  If you need information on fire status and resources, you can use the links above, official Twitter accounts below, or you can call 2-1-1 for fire information and resources.
2-1-1 has the ability to answer calls in other languages, so people needing fire information in other languages may call 2-1-1
RUMOR CONTROL: 211 can not give you a code or authorization to get back into your neighborhood. Evacuation orders can only be lifted by the Sheriffs, and official notification will be provided. You will need identification to get back into closed areas once the evacuation order is lifted. The safety of residents and first responders is everyone's top priority.

Sign up for emergency alerts for:

Los Angeles County: Alert LA County
Los Angeles City: Notify LA
And don't forget to check your city's website for city and neighborhood-specific alerts as well!

Accounts to follow on Twitter: 

Official Fire Department Information
 - @LACoFDPIO - LA County Fire Department, Public Information Office
 - @LACoFD - LA County Fire Department 
 - @LACFD - LA County Fire Incident Alerts
 - @LAFD - Los Angeles Fire Department
 - @CAL_Fire - Official CalFIRE Account

Law Enforcement
 - @LASDHQ - Los Angeles Sheriff's Department
 - @LAPDHQ - Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters

LA County Emergency Management
 - @ReadyLACounty - LA County Office of Emergency Management

 - @211LACounty - 211 LA shares info from all of the above + resource updates 


During and after disasters, the most valuable donation you can make is often donating money to official organizations such as the Red Cross (be wary of unofficial online donations), because it provides the most flexibility for purchasing items needed for disaster victims. Check before dropping off any donation goods to shelters or first responders, as they can become overwhelmed with donations they can't use, and it requires them to divert resources from their primary activities. 
- Red Cross: go to
- LA County Animal Care Foundation
- Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation

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