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Georgia Sales
Resource Systems Developer


Georgia Sales has been a staff member at 211 LA County for more than 35 years. Beginning in 1981 with responsibility for overseeing the organization’s resource information system and developing the first transaction form for recording call information, Georgia is now 211 LA County’s Resource Systems Developer. She played a important role in the agency’s original software development effort and has served as the agency’s representative on the Board of Directors of the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) since 1992. She is currently (2016) serving on the AIRS Executive Committee as the Board Secretary, on the Standards Committee as chair, on the Certification Commission and on the Accreditation Commission. She also provided primary authorship for successive versions of the AIRS Standards for Professional Information and Referral and the AIRS Accreditation Manual and worked with committee and commission members as well as reviewers to integrate comments and suggestions.


- Created and continues to maintain the AIRS/211 LA County Taxonomy of Human Services, a 9,900-term classification system that allows subscribers throughout North America to index and access community resources based on the services they provide and the target populations they serve.

- Working with InformCanada on a 3-year contract funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, designed and implemented a Canadian version of the Taxonomy in English and later in French with locale-specific variations in term names, definitions, use references and bibliographic references as well as Canadian-only terms, where relevant.

- Assembled subject area experts to develop or refine specialized areas of the Taxonomy. Partners have included the Points of Light Foundation (Volunteer Opportunities section), the Center for Nonprofit Excellence in Akron, Ohio (Organizational Development and Management section), the NCCC/Helplink program in San Francisco (Mutual Support Groups section), Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York (Immigration/Naturalization section) and 311 Halton (Community Planning and Public Works section).

- Developed the specifications for the website, a support tool that allows licensed subscribers to search the Taxonomy in a variety of ways.

- In a joint effort with the National Association of States United for Aging and Disabilities (NASUAD) and a team of professionals in the field, developed the Aging and Disabilities Starter Set for I&R/A programs that work specifically with older persons and/or with people with disabilities.

- Working cooperatively with subject area experts in various fields, developed specialized starter sets for homeless services, disaster services, Canadian municipal services/311 and, most recently, an Information and Referral starter set whose intent is to provide a useful starting point for I&R programs new to the Taxonomy.

- Developed crosswalks to classification systems maintained and used by other organizations. Included are the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and NCCS to classify the tax exempt purpose of nonprofit organizations in the U.S submitting a Form 990; the Nonprofit Programs Classification System; UWASIS, developed by United Way of America (now United Way Worldwide); and the AIRS and Canadian Problems/Needs Lists.

- Worked with resource and management staff at 211 LA County to develop a revised Service Request Code structure to enable 211 LA County to better tell the stories of the people who call for assistance.



- Received the AIRS Distinguished Service Award in 2001.

- Recognition award presented by NASUA’s National Aging I&R Support Center during the June 5th ,2002 general session at the AIRS Annual Conference based on “leadership in enhancing the taxonomy to accurately reflect current and emerging aging efforts; fostering the adoption of the AIRS Standards rather than an updated versions of the Older American’s Act I&R Standards by the aging community, and providing step-by- step guidance and assistance in the development of CIRS-Aging, the first certification program for a specialized I&R system.”