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Choose Health LA Restaurants


Choose Health LA Restaurants 

Choose Health LA recognizes that restaurants play an important role in promoting healthy eating. The initiative works with restaurant operators to offer smaller portion sizes in addition to the existing menu items, while also offering parents healthier meals for their children and families.



As a part of the Healthy Communities, Healthy Lives campaign, AltaMed and The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is partnering with over 700 local restaurants to provide healthier options for dining out. Through this partnership, Choose Health LA Restaurants promotes local businesses while assisting residents in finding healthier restaurants. Learn more about the campaign.


Over 700 restaurants are currently participating and agreed to


-Smaller portion size options – these are in addition to the existing menu items

-Drinking water, free of charge

-Healthier kids meals (at select locations) that include fruits and vegetables, healthy beverages and less fried foods


Americans eat about 30% of their calories while dining out, so encouraging healthy options can make a difference in customers' diets and future health. Many Americans are becoming overweight or obese, which can lead to serious conditions like high blood pressurediabetes, and heart disease.



Finding treatment and support for your health can seem overwhelming, but 211 can help! Search the Healthy Living community resources guide and community calendar to find support near you.

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