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Myieko Clayton
Client Services Manager

As 211 LA's Client Services Manager, Myieko works with public and non-profit sector partners who are using 211 LA's social services support technologies and tools for client management and information and referral services.

 Myieko's core expertise includes developing and supporting 211 LA's technical applications that support a wide variety of social service programs and agencies. Myieko maintains and establishes new accounts while working closely with clients to understand their program and system needs for development and implementation as well as providing comprehensive training for clients and their program members to use 211 LA's technology applications.

Prior to her current position, Myieko served as Prop 47 Care Coordinator at 211 LA County, working directly with clients and organizations to overcome barriers to receiving care and help clients achieve their goals, providing her deep insight into the client management needs faced by nonprofits and other service organizations.

Myieko graduated from California State University - Fresno, and is a Certified Information and Referral Specialist (CIRS) and Certified Information and Referral - Aging and Disability Specialist (CIRS-A/D).