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Comprehensive Resource Directory

211 LA maintains the largest, most comprehensive, and current database offering information on close to 50,000 health and human resources available in LA County. It is a highly valued community asset that is searched and utilized by 100,000 web users every year and enables 211 LA Community Resource Advisors to provide over 750,000 referrals to individuals and families over the phone. Too often we see community resource directories that receive one-time funding and then become antiquated and unreliable over time because there are no long term resources for data curation.  Fortunately, 211 LA’s trained and Certified Resource Specialists regularly maintain the database entries long after the resources are initially procured. We encourage government, universities, non-profit, private and public organizations to partner with us by contributing new resource information for the database.  An up-to-date and comprehensive database is especially beneficial for agencies that serve individuals and families seeking assistance through public and other charitable services.  211 LA provides free, on-line access to the resource database so that clients can be given referrals that are appropriate and accurate. The database includes:

- Agency Name
- Contact Information
- Site Information
- Agency and Site Services
- Eligibility and Qualification Details
- Operating Hours

and so much more...

Resources in the database are indexed in accordance to the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) standards, incorporating the AIRS/211 LA County Taxonomy of Human Resources - an international standard for resource indexing. We also maintain rigorous standards for inclusion and exclusion of information for the database.