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Paul Yang
Technical Project Manager

Paul oversees the day-to-day operations of the development team and ensures the efficiency and timely delivery of technical projects. As 211 LA expands its social service influence as well as technical suite of products, Paul works with the dev team to keep 211 LA at the forefront of the industry by offering industry-leading solutions for various social service needs.

Prior to joining 211 LA , Paul was part of a digital agency based in Orange County, California. For 12 years, he specialized in web applications and has his fair share of being a front-end developer, client services manager, as well as project manager. Shortly after his career at the digital agency, Paul pursued and launched a start-up company with his friend and is continuing to monitor and support the growth of the company. Meanwhile during his free time, he writes business plans for new start-up ideas. With his extensive hands-on experience with web technology and best practices, Paul is helping 211 LA develop an arsenal of new technology products and services.

Paul Yang holds BA in Information and Computer Science and  from the University of California, Irvine.