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As a leader in the information and referral space, 211 LA County has developed innovative software as a service to help efficiently manage the immense call volume it receives. With over 30 years of experience and longtime members of the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS), we are proud to offer our software to the public. 211 LA software supports transactional data collection and reporting, referral and outcomes tracking, enables contact management, care coordination, and access to the 211 comprehensive resource database. 

211 LA County’s development of the Taxonomy of Human Services has revolutionized the field of Information and Referral. The Taxonomy is a powerful indexing tool that enables community resource databases across North America to be organized and managed according to a uniform standard.
As managers of the largest population in the Country, 211 LA County in working with First 5 and the County of Los Angeles has realized the need for proper care coordination. CareLinQ provides for a profile based system that allows users to assess, track and manage all the users needs and services. CareLinQ provides the latest functionality of:
211LinQ is custom designed from the ground up by the development team at 211 LA County.  As one of the largest 211's in the country, developers of the 211/AIRS Taxonomy and certified Information and Referral experts, we know how critical it is to provide a quick and easy experience for callers and call center agents alike.
As a contact center available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year staffed by certified Community Resource Advisors and a cutting-edge nationally recognized Quality Assurance Department with measurable performance standards – 211 LA provides government, private, public and non-profit organizations the unique opportunity to partner with an organization that seeks to provide quality customer service to the residents of Los Angeles County.
211 LA maintains the largest, most comprehensive, and current database offering information on close to 50,000 health and human resources available in LA County. It is a highly valued community asset that is searched and utilized by 100,000 web users every year and enables 211 LA Community Resource Advisors to provide over 750,000 referrals to individuals and families over the phone.