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Disaster Preparation & Response


Preparedness and Response

211 LA County partners directly with the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) as the designated provider of interactive disaster information services to the community before, during, and after disaster events. 211 LA County responds by providing timely and accurate information for members of the community. 211 LA also partners with the LA County Department of Public Health as distributor of Public Health issued advisories and warnings.

211 LA County responds by providing timely and accurate information for members of the community.

To ensure maximum accessibility to disaster information during large scale events, 211 LA County partners with private and nonprofit volunteer organizations for call handling assistance. As a founding member of 211 California and the National 211 Disaster Support Collective, 211 LA is active in county, state, and national disaster response through its collaborative efforts with these 211 partners.


Past Disaster Event Response & recovery

  • Hurricane Florence - assisted North Carolina with hurricane information and service calls during and following the flooding from Hurricane Florence.
  • LA Heat Waves - routed people to cooling centers during summer heat waves
  • December LA Fires - provided public information and referrals for the Skirball, Creek, and Rye fires. At the Local Assistance Center supporting recovery for fire victims, took damage reports and routed people to the agencies and services they needed.
  • January Rainstorms - significant flooding and debris flows during this weather event. Provided shelter information during the weather. Collected damage reports from the public both by phone and online.
  • Measles Outbreak - coordinated with the Department of Public Health to connect individuals with concerns about the announced measles outbreak with immunization sites and provided connection to public health nurses when needed.
  • El Niño Preparation - worked with various departments within the County, including the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) to ensure thorough preparation for the expected El Niño rains.
  • El Niño Storms (January) - provided information on evacuations, sandbags, and other resources during the rain event.
  • Fruitland Fire - provided evacuation information during the fire at a recycling facility in a residential area. Worked with the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) to arrange shelter for several families that were displaced for an extended period during the aftermath of the event.
  • Reservoir/Fish/Sand Gabriel Complex Fires - provided information on shelter, evacuations, road closures and other information needed during these significant fire events.
  • Sand Fire - provided information on shelter, evacuations, road closures, and other needed information during this fire event. 
  • Zika Virus - worked with the Department of Public Health to ensure that our staff was trained and prepared to provide information in response to questions and concerns about the Zika virus.
  • West Lake Incident - provided information on evacuations and shelter during a seires of storms and mudslides in the Antelope Valley area. Took damage assessment reports and provided in-person staffing for local assistance center for post-disaster recovery resources.
  • Aliso Canyon Gas Leak - provided information on resources, evacuation, and temporary relocation, as well as collecting damage assessment reports from the business community in the area.
  • Ebola Virus - shared information and documented rumor control pertaining to the Ebola virus.
  • Winter Storms - shared information on evacuations and damage assessment reporting in response to significant rains and mud flows.
  • Hepatitis A - coordinated distribution of LA County Department of Public Health vaccination clinic locations providing Hepatitis A vaccines for consumers of contaminated, frozen mixed berries supplied by stores throughout the Western United States. 211 LA generated reports on caller’s concerns and clinic location inquiries which the LA County Department of Public Health used for clinic logistical planning.
  • Hurricane Sandy - provided overflow call assistance for the state of Vermont 211.
  • Severe Wind Storms - the LA County Office of Emergency Management designated 211 LA as the public’s phone intake source to gather info on individual residence storm related damages and provide data collection reports to the county. 211 LA reports were utilized in preliminary damage assessment surveys submitted to State and Federal emergency management agencies. See link in sidebar titled “2011 Wind Storms After Action Report” for more information.
  • 2011 Japan Tsunami Advisory - provided damage reports and advisory updates for 211s throughout California and for residents of LA County. Coordinated efforts with all coastal area 211s. 
  • Hurricane Irene - provided overflow call assistance for the New York and Vermont 211s by taking disaster calls and also serving as the hub for transferring additional calls to San Diego and Portland 211s.
  • Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Incident/Radiation Cloud - coordinated the dispersal of Department of Health information related to the public’s concern over the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster in Japan and the possible resulting radiation cloud over Los Angeles County. 211 LA provided residents with information on iodine usage and current monitoring activities for the region.

H1N1 Flu Virus - answered over 24,000 English language calls and 9,000 Spanish language calls after LA County Public Health designated 211 LA as the public information resource for questions about H1N1.

Crown Wildfire - handled calls concerning evacuation and disaster assistance.

Station Fire - handled calls concerning evacuation, disaster assistance, and the resulting mudflow warnings. Provided staffing for Local Assistance Centers established after the fires.


  • Sayre and Marek Fires – handled disaster assistance calls for both incidents. Staffed the Local Assistance Centers established during the recovery phase of the fires.
  • Hurricanes Gustav and Ike – assisted Louisiana 211 call centers by answering and routing over 12,000 disaster information overflow calls to several 211s located throughout California. 211 LA served as the telecommunications hub for routing all incoming calls. See link in sidebar titled “Hurricane Gustav Press Release” for full details. 
  • 2007 Wildfires - provided constantly-changing information pertaining to evacuations, shelters, and road closures during twenty separate wildfires which consumed large parts of six Southern California Counties. More than 500,000 people would be evacuated from homes in San Diego County alone. Partnered with 211 San Diego to coordinate disaster resource information for the residents of San Diego County. Southern California communities experienced first-hand the role that 211 can play during a disaster. 

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