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Staff Profile: Barbara
August 15, 2019
By Admin

Meet Barbara: 211 LA Community Resource Advisor and Outreach Coordinator
My name is Barbara, and I have been working for 211 LA since July of 2017. In the past year I have had the unique opportunity of dividing my time between two rewarding roles: Community Resource Advisor and Outreach Coordinator.

Community Resource Advisor: 
What’s the job?
As a Community Resource Advisor (CRA), I have the pleasure of providing the community and other service providers, such as social workers and medical staff, with resources and information via phone and chat (available through our website

What type of resources and information do you provide?
On a day to day basis, CRAs provide information and referrals for just about any situation, with a focus on health and human services. Some examples are free food, emergency shelter, free diapers, and utility payment assistance.
During emergency situations (such as the Woolsey Fires and Hurricane Katrina), we provide vital information including evacuation instructions, road closures, disaster recovery resources and temporary pet boarding.

Outreach Coordinator:
What’s the job?
As an Outreach Coordinator, I spent my time hosting information tables at community events or in the office completing other outreach-related tasks, such as posting on social media and building partnerships with other agencies. Whether in the office or in the field, I enjoy helping people and continuing to learn new ways of assisting the community and our partners. 

Why 211 LA?
I am always happy to hear people say that they refer their friends and family to 211 LA. One of the greatest compliments is knowing that people trust us with those they most care about. It’s also meaningful when partner agencies tell me that they send their clients to us and have our informational flyers in their office because they trust that 211 will be able to further assist.
If you need help, please call us or reach out to us via chat. We are happy to help and here for you 24x7. If you would like to join our 211 family, please visit our website for career opportunities.