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Staff Profile: Dion
September 16, 2019
By Admin

What’s Your Role at 211 Los Angeles County? 

My role here at 211 LA County is Quality Assurance Program Manager, where a personal focus has been centered towards improving the overall inquirer experience. Our efforts in this area help ensure the services provided both meet and exceed the Inquirers’ needs. Utilizing the information obtained from ECHO Voice of the Customer Survey (VOC), 211 LA identifies critical components necessary to deliver during a call to improve the inquirer experience. Currently, these VOC Surveys provide 211 LA with interaction details related to the care, knowledge and support our Community Resource Advisors (CRAs) demonstrate. 
What’s more, I believe there should be a constant promotion of quality experiences throughout the various communication platforms: Telephone, Web Chat, Text Messages, Email, etc., especially considering the younger generations interact more using the latter. In order to facilitate these improved interactions, we’re using data to identify performance and process opportunities. We’re hoping these efforts help promote positive inquirer outcomes. 

What brought you to join the 211 LA Team?

That’s a great question! Prior to joining the 211 LA Team, I had some personal involvement with the homelessness crisis here in Los Angeles County. A few years ago, I had the chance to assist a peer experiencing homelessness. We contacted 211 LA in response to his circumstances and the CRA assessed his situation in order to provide appropriate referrals based on his needs. The information provided was critical to helping him transition through his situation. So when an opportunity to join the 211 LA team, that serves the population suffering from homelessness, mental illness, etc., I was encouraged and excited to contribute to this organization.

How’s your experience been with the organization?

Since I have been here at 211 LA, I learned how responsive this organization can become when needed. Recently, here in Southern California we have encountered several large-scale earthquakes. In response, the 211 LA Leadership Team had an Emergency Evacuation drill that included the participation of the LA County Fire Department to help ensure the safety of our 211 LA employees and demonstrate organizational preparedness in the event of an actual natural disaster.  

In addition, a few weeks ago we also had the Annual Summer BBQ, where the entire employee staff was able to participate in games and activities some providing details about opportunities throughout the organization. Although it was high temperatures on that day, I think everyone still had a great time together...

-Dion M Sloan