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Financial Assistance
There are some programs that may provide temporary financial assistance for people in need. Assistance may be loans or grants and may have eligibility requirements based on service history. Search for local resources near you below.

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The Semper Fi Fund provides direct financial assistance for expenses that are most pressing for a wounded veteran. 

There is help available when experiencing an eviction. It is important to understand the eviction process and your rights. Search for local resources near you below. 

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There may be help available for electric bills. Search for local resources near you below.

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Typically, assistance with natural gas bills is available seasonally from February to May. Search for local resources near you below

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Eligible customers of Southern California Gas Company(SoCalGas) may receive a 20% discount on their monthly gas bill at their primary residence through the California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) program. New customers, who are approved within 90 days of starting new gas service, may also receive a $15 discount on their Service Establishment Charge. Click the link to visit their website and learn more.

Each military branch has assistance for veterans.

  • Air Force Aid Society
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  • Army Emergency Relief Fund
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  • Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, Inc.
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  • Navy – Marine Corps Relief Society
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  • The coaching offers support, encouragement, accountability and resources to help individuals achieve their financial goals.
  • FREE Financial coaching is available for Veterans and their loved ones through the support of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
  • You may speak to a Financial Coach from the comfort of your own home by calling the Free Financial Coaching Hotline (844) 904-6257 (844-90-GOALS)
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San Fernando Valley

Jose Ortiz

Cell: 626-436-4735



Long Beach and South Los Angeles Area

Dominique’ N. Reese, AFC®

Office: 310-762-1219

Cell: 213-222-7168



Downtown Los Angeles Area

Veronica Lopez, AFC®

Office: (213) 989-3160